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    Dell Latitude screen problem

    so i have a Dell Latitude D820 laptop with 15.4" widescreen, 1280x800.

    randomly... the screen just goes haywire literally. it starts spasming and everything flashes and flies by horizontally across the screen. it's like a really really fast and choppy slide show of my desktop over and over again... my eyes hurt just looking at it for 5 seconds.

    weird thing is... when i move my mouse pointer to the very bottom of the screen, it stops. everything is back to normal and i can work on my computer as long as i dont move the mouse again. i move it back up and it continues the messed up screen exercise.

    after about 4 or 5 times of moving the mouse pointer down to stop the madness, and back up to resume it, it just permanently continues the flashing. The only way to stop it is to restart, shut down, or set the comp in stand-by mode. closing the lid doesn't do anything.

    now you might be thinking why not just call up Dell tech support? While this laptop is still under warranty.. i didn't buy it so i don't have the receipt or whatever and it's not under my account name. I didn't get the warranty transfered.

    any ideas of what's goin on? thank you!
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    To start off check and make sure the video connector is seated well on the motherboard. It will require popping off the bezel.

    Have you tried hooking up an external monitor to see if there is a similar problem? I doubt there will be but it will narrow out the video card. If it's not card then it's probably the screen.

    You don't need the receipt to transfer the warranty. Just the name of the person that orginally bought it. My dad bought the my Inspiron and then I bought it from him and transfered the warranty.
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