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    Thermaltake Armour LCS Intergrated Water Cooling .. Yes/No .. with alterations??

    I've got a couple of questions about the Thermaltake Armour LCS Case with Integrated Water Cooling .. I'm thinking of heading up to water as air isn't really cutting it any more ..

    So I was thinking .. get one of these LCS Armour cases with the Rad and pump/res and then swap out the CPU block with a higher performing one and then maybe add blocks for both my 8800GTS cards ..

    I'm wanting to get this case with the pre-installed Rad as I'm not all that great at case modding and would rather not .. so question 1 is: How easy is it to fit a double-120 rad into the front of an Armour, is it soo easy that i might as well get the normal armour and do it myself? ..

    Question 2: .. Does anyone know if the rad that would already be in the LCS Armour is any good? ... I'd have a pair of 63CFM fans on them (maybe 4 for push/pull) ..

    Question 3: .. what's the pump/res like that comes with the LCS Armour? will there be enough pressure & flow & all that jazz for a CPU block then 2 GPU blocks?

    Question 4: .. What CPU and GPU blocks should i go for? .. CPU is an E6400 .. Gfx cards are 8800GTS (640mb) ..


    So basically .. should i get the LCS version of the armour .. or get the normal and stick my own rad in .. ? I'm not great at case mods so putting my own in would have to be easy as pie .. what's good n bad with the LCS and if everything is terrible what should i use?

    Cheers guys
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    I would stay far away from that case with preinstalled water cooling.

    Something like the Swiftech radbox is so easy to install on any case.

    Swap out the CPU block on that thermaltake loop and add GPU blocks and the pump might not cope. You will end up buying a custom setup later anyway - every person who bought a preinstalled system has done so eventually.

    Rather get the normal case, then buy a Swiftech kit - comes with everything you need

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