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    Some Questions

    I have noticed that when i try to change memory timings and increase the voltage to my memory, my system shuts off, then starts back up again by itself after i exit the BIOS.

    Now i dont know if this is normal operation for the GAP35C-DS3R and i was hoping someone would be able to address my issue. And also does anyone know of any good settings to use with the mobo...

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    I don't have your board but I do have an eVGA 680i and an ASUS Commando, nVidia and Intel chipsets respectively. Both restart same as you indicate when I've been in the BIOS.

    Someone else will have to help you with your settings.
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    that is a gigabyte board you have got it restarts after you change some settings by switching off and on.

    my ds3p does the same and if you look at the manual it tells you!

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    Wheres it say that in the manual though ? Ive tried checking in there but i might have missed it, thanks for the heads up though.

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