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    Help identifying older Antec case

    I was recently given an Antec case that had been used as a small office server for a couple of years. I'd like to identify the model number, partially so I can get a handle on what all of the connectors are and partially so I can try to find a replacement HDD bracket, as one of the two is missing. I am using the case as a multimedia server, and I really need the second HDD bracket.

    The case is 19" Deep X 8" Wide X 20-1/2" Tall (not counting the four swing out feet which add another 3/4" to the overall height). The front face has the fairly common "rounded vent" look on the bottom, but the door is relatively smooth with no vents. The door face is flared outward so that it very nicely accomodates the knobs of my SB Audigy2 ZS breakout box.

    There is a small fold-in door in the top of the vented section that conceals 2 USB connectors and a Firewall connector.

    The sides are solid (no window and no vents). The left side has a key-locking hand release near the rear edge for opening and swinging the panel outward for removal.

    There are 2 80mm case fans (one above the other) on the rear and a single 80 mm in the front.

    The case front looks very similar to the one shown in this picture...

    ...but the author states that is a Chieftan replacement, while on mine, the door covering the USB and Firewire plugs has Antec embossed in it and the front door, while the big door has no vents in it. Also, there are four front lights on mine (Power, HDD, I and II) below the keylock where this picture shows only two lights below the lock.

    The inside of the door indicates the case was manufactured April 18, 2004.

    So, anybody got an idea which model I am referring to?

    Thanks for the help,

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    Maybe this guy knows, he's selling one.

    At the very least it may be able to replace what you're missing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dipspit View Post
    Maybe this guy knows, he's selling one.

    At the very least it may be able to replace what you're missing.
    Actually, the one he is selling looks like the same one I posted the picture of as a sample above.

    Now that it's daylight, I can get a good enough photo of my case to attach and let you see the difference. The differences are subtle, but they are there.

    Please ignore the cheesy tramp stamp on the door. I've got to find a way to get that off without messing up the door surface.
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    It is the old Chenming, Alienware case that has been around for ages.

    Which bracket are you looking for the HDD bracket that has the clamp or the tray that the clamp connects to?
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    I think that it is a Chieftan model. It looks simular to my Thermaltake Xaser II which (from what I understand) is based on the Chieftan. Post a picture of the HDD Bracket and I will Compare it to mine. If they are the same I know that Thermaltake sells replacement parts and you may beable to get one from them.....
    Just an idea......

    As for the "tramp stamp" if it is a sticker try Goo Gone. That stuff is wonderful - and it won't mess up plastic.

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    Looks to me like an Antec built cheiftec/Chenming knock-off. I've seen those around alot. What tells it apart from the chieftec/chenming is the antec logo on the little USB/Firewire trap door in the front. Chieftec/Chenming doesn't have that at all.

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