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    Alternative board to the ASUS P5B Premuim?

    Thats the board I have now and its been death by 1000 cuts.

    First off, it takes FOREVER to get past the bios Asus gif

    Now if you reboot, you have to reboot twice just to get it off that damn Asus logo.

    And sometimes when you tell it to shut down, it turns off completely, then instantly fires back up!

    With the holidays coming up, I am soooo ready to ditch this board but what to replace it with?

    I've got a 2.6 quad core overclocked to 3.2 so I want a good solid board with an intel chipset but I dont give 2 ****s for the external lcd or any of the rest of the foo foo Asus is putting with their high end boards.

    Can anyone recommend a SOLID overclocking motherboard with an Intel chipset (775) without all the extra external lcd crap?
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    I believe you'll find the majority of the intel fanboys around here are all chomping at the bits for the new Abit IX38 quadgt. But for something you can use right now, the Asus and Abit boards are just about the best you can do. I've seen quite a few peeps claiming they love their Gigabyte boards, but after my past experiences with that brand I'd never recommend them to anyone.
    One thing though, for most all the new X38 chipset stuff, I believe you'll find they're all migrating away from ddr2 into ddr3, which I haven't seen any solid proof of any significant gains.
    It does sound though that your current board probably needs a bios update. If you can get it stable enough to perform, it just might eliminate those problems you're having. It's worth a shot if you're looking to upgrade just for those reasons. good luck, and never base your decision on just one persons recommendations. Wait and get some more input from some more regulars around here. Everyones experiences will differ, and their preferences will as well.
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    One of the Abit P35 boards will suit you well
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