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    IDE problem, faulty motherboard connector?

    I recently installed two new dvd-drives in my computer that has an ABIT KN8-Ultra motherboard. At first, I installed the master, with no problems.
    When I then shut down the computer and installed the slave, I couldn't get past the boot sequence when starting the computer.
    I then discovered that half of the IDE cable on the secondary IDE-connector on the motherboard was not inserted, must have happened when I installed the slave. I then corrected that, but now the secondary slave doesn't get detected, and there are a lot of errors sometimes when reading discs with the master drive.

    The discs are brand new, and I've tried with several IDE-cables to no help. Do you think the IDE connector on the motherboard may have been damaged in any way? The primary IDE slot works great, since I run my HDD on it.

    Any ideas what the problem is, and what I can do about it?
    I am thinking of solving this by simply not using the secondary IDE slot, but I don't know for sure if the primary works better with the dvd drives, since the data traffic maybe is different from the HDD's, and that the primary won't work just because it works for the HDD.

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    I might add that I've had no problems whatsoever with my secondary IDE channel, up until now.
    Also, the errors that I get are often crashes when accessing dvd and cd roms. I watched a movie for example, and when I jumped some 30 minutes into it, VLC crashed. And I tried to copy a big file from a dvd, and the progress just stopped and when I chose "Cancel", explorer stopped responding.
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    First off, are all the IDE channels enables in the BIOS? Also, did you set the jumpers on the drives so that one is the Master and the other the Slave. Also, ensure that the Master is connected to the very end connector.
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    You could also try the drive you were trying to use as a slave as the master drive alone on the secondary channel and see if it's causing your problems. If it doesn't work that way it's a bad drive. If it does work alone try jumpering it as CS and adding the other drive as Master and seeing if they work together that way.

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    Thanks for your replies.
    I found out however, that both were set to slave. So I changed one to master and the other to slave.

    Now it detects the slave as well as the master, but unfortunately the problems with programs hanging up still persists. This does not happen with every dvd though, it just happened with a certain movie dvd which I tried to stream, and later copy, and also when I tried running my motherboard driver cd I got the following at autostart:
    "D:\ is not a WIN32-program".

    This varies between the drives though, the slave drive hasn't had any problem with these discs. Maybe it's not related to the motherboard after all?

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    You may want to try and download an updated driver for your drives. Since your drives are fuctional now, I would think that your problem with the programs would be Windows based, not in relation to the motherboard.

    What brand are your drives? Have you tried both drives? Are they identical drives?

    Try downloading updated drivers and see if that helps. Most of the time, the CD that comes with the drives has an old driver on it. Update the driver and see if that smooths your programs out.

    Hope that helps...
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    The last symptoms you mentioned sound like a dirty or damaged CD. Possibly a bad CD drive.
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