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Thread: 19" vs 22"

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    19" vs 22"

    I'm thinking of upgrading my 19" Diamondtron HP CRT which has had his power supply swapped and now only works at the native rez (I love this CRT but its getting annoying) and I'm torn between a normal 19" LCD and an 22" (wide of course).
    All the 19"'s at my price range use a TN panel so I'm not getting a superb quality display any way I choose.
    Right now I'm leaning forward the LG 1953TR which is a very nice display for the price (1300 NIS here in Israel) or maybe the Benq FP222W which is a 22" (1595 NIS).
    I actually work at a computer store but we don't have any screens on display so I can't really look and decide but I've been selling those LG's like they ware dimebags and no one is complaining.

    To be honest I'm not a wide screen fan and I would rather put those extra 300 NIS into getting a better video card (3870 instead of the 3850 or maybe an 8800GT) then spending it on the 22" with the exact same panel as the 19".

    Another thing I don't know is there a 19" with a non-TN panel? Maybe a *VA?

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    I'm pretty sure all 22" screens are TN...

    The most 24" screens are P-MVA AFAIK.
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