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    Ubuntu Server + Tomcat setup guide

    Anyone have a quick and dirty guide on installing and configuring both Ubuntu Server then Tomcat on Ununtu? Basically I am working on some JAVA development and need somewhere to host my WAR's for testing. I have heard that Ubuntu is the easiest to setup so I am picking it. This will be running on a MS Virtural Machiene. Thx!

    If there is a different distro of Linux I should be using let me know.
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    On Ubuntu 7.04, I see two packages that should satisfy your requirements. tomcat5 will install Tomcat 5.0, or you could use the tomcat5.5 package to install Tomcat 5.5. There are packages for administrative web interfaces for Tomcat (package name plus -admin).

    To install Tomcat 5 plus the admin interface:

    sudo aptitude install tomcat5 tomcat5-admin

    Or if you want to use Tomcat 5.5 plus the admin interface:

    sudo aptitude install tomcat5.5 tomcat5.5-admin

    Tomcat will be installed and should be automatically configured. You can connect to the machine with it's IP address and the associate ports that Tomcat and Tomcat web admin run on.

    If you're planning on running a desktop environment, I would recommend using another free virtualization product like VMware Player. There are video and mouse issues with Virtual PC out of the box on Ubuntu 7.10. If you're using the server install it shouldn't matter.

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