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    Aquos 65" 1080P LCD LC65D64U $4999, FS, Free 3-Year Warranty

    Click this link
    Then click www . sharpdirect . usa on that page.
    Then click AQUOS/LCDTV in top right corner.
    The first TV in the list will be

    LC65D64U at $3000 OFF

    Truelly an awsome deal, esp w/the warrenty..just ordered one for our great room!
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    5 G's...

    I Just got a Samsung 52" LCD 1080p For $1997, and thats plenty large for me. 65"=WOW
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sir. BOBSONATOR View Post
    5 G's...

    I Just got a Samsung 52" LCD 1080p For $1997, and thats plenty large for me. 65"=WOW
    I would get a second 52" before thinking I needed to go 65

    but im a cheap_____

    Grats on the tube man.
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    You've to be at the neighbor's house for proper viewing distance .

    BTW, it's only 1280x720 (1080i ?).

    d94, I'm kidding of course.

    Ever consider throwing some of that spare money towards a charity?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sir. BOBSONATOR View Post
    5 G's...

    I Just got a Samsung 52" LCD 1080p For $1997, and thats plenty large for me. 65"=WOW
    For less than the cost of the 65" you could have two 52" side-by-side

    I think there's even some cheap box you could get to split the signals in half...
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    Nope. That set is 1080p, and is stellar in person. It gives the same effect as having a projector, but you can see it in the light. I have been waiting for a deal on this set since the F&F deal ended ($4000 for that set!).

    Trust me, you think it's too big now, but when you have it set up in your place you'll love it!
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    don't let anyone throw a wiimote at it =p
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    LCDs get exponentially more difficult to manufacture without flaws as they get larger, ergo the huge jump in price from 52" to 65". This is a killer deal for a top of the line TV. BB sells this unit for 10G. This is like getting LCD at Plasma prices, pretty much unheard of for people who prefer LCD.
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