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    Upgraded to 4 gigs

    I had absolutly so need for four gigs of ram but I bit on's black friday deal. 2 gigs of 800MHZ Tracers for $50, I just couldn't resist. Normally for me Vista would sit at around ~750MB's used. So I was not expecting to see any difference at all. But wow was I wrong. It does seem much more responsive that before. Even my wife noticed the difference. Now she is seeing the need for more RAM and finally wants me to add another gig to her dell. Also I should note that my timings were lowered from 5-5-5--15 from the EPP on the 8500's to the 4-4-4-12 on these. (They should both be at the lower timings right?) Now I just need to find someone who wants to trade me some 800MHZ tracers for my 8500's so I can have a matching set.

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    Yea I just upgraded to 4gb and Vista 64 bit. Its way smoother than Vista 32 bit was with 2gb of ram.

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    Quote Originally Posted by e6600 View Post
    I have an add in there, just waiting on a trader.

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