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    Safe to OC FANLESS 8600GTS?

    I have this ASUS 8600GTS silent.

    would it be safe to overclock it, given that it has no fan?
    Would this be dangerous?

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    depending on your airflow in the case it should be possible to OC it but id recommend having a fan placed pushing air directly through the fins on the HS
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    If you are to overclock it, watch the temperatures carefully as they should increase quite quickly. Stay below 80c full load and make sure there is a negative pressure inside the case (aka more fans blowing out)
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    i wouldnt
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    What are the temps now? if they are already high (like around 75c for load) then its not worth the risk. If you want to try it I would suggest getting one of those pci slot fans and putting it in the slot below the card.
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