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    [Abit AN9-32X fatality] Overclocking issues

    I'm using vista ultimate 64. One problem with vista is the companies that haven't released software upgrades, ie: uguru just does not work with vista. I've been trying to o/c starting with the RAM in BIOS. So far no voltage increases and I can run at 230MHz with no problems. However, this is not the major issue.

    A lot of the time I will get system hangs when booting. The video card doesn't even boot up during these times. Its really weird how it hangs too. It can do 230MHz all day long but as soon as I drop the CPU multiplier down or something, it will hang. Sometimes the error is C1 (memory present test) but other times its some code that doesn't exist at all and they seem random. (this mobo has led numbers to indicate) What could be causing this weird problem? should I start adding voltage to the memory? Why does changing the CPU cause the memory to hang? argh this is getting frustrating and I haven't even started with the video card yet.

    Stock the CPU sets the multiplier at 16x200fsb for 3200MHz. Another problem I'm having is that in BIOS, the multiplier only goes to 16x, how do I raise my CPU now if the mobo is at its limit? I've read of many people o/c the 6400+ to 3.5 to 3.7GHz, how are they doing it? I bought this motherboard because it is supposedly friendly to overclocking. Am I missing something here?

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    You need to come to grips with the memory dividers on the AM2 socket...

    There's no option to overclock just the RAM on an AN9 32X... that 230mhz is the FSB... i.e, you're running your CPU at 16 x 230mhz = 3680mhz... if your RAM is set to 800 in the BIOS, it's actually running at 3680mhz/8 = 460mhz (it's DDR2, so 920mhz)

    When you drop the multiplier, you drop the memory divider... going to a 15X multiplier will do this:
    CPU = 15 x 230 = 3450mhz
    RAM = 3450mhz/7 = 493mhz = 986mhz on your DDR2 = likely cause of your crashes.

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