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    Question Acer 5315 RAM question

    Hey all, sorry if this has been posted aroundbefore.

    Im looking to replace the RAM in my new acer 5315 because 512 just isnt enough for it, can someone please help me out,
    i need to know: The panel on the back to take off,
    how to take it off with out damaging things, and
    the best place to buy ram (good price/size ratio)
    at the moment im looking at buying 1Gb for 50$ i dont know if thats good but its local so, so far thats what im going with. if anyone knows any better places to get it (in aus) let me know. (dont matter if its online)


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    Is it DDR or DDR2?

    If it is DDR2, you can easily get 2GB for like $30.

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