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    Safe P35 northbridge voltages

    I'm pretty familiar w/ CPU cooling, but not very familiar w/ northbridge cooling. Right now I have the stock cooler on it for my mainboard (it's a heatpipe based cooler with a fair amount of fin area but not connected to the other mainboard heatsinks), but I've added a 40mm fan for additional airflow (admittedly, a 40mm won't add much).

    Without replacing the stock northbridge heatsink, how far can I reasonably push the P35 northbridge voltage w/o affecting component life? Or will upping it require additional cooling (in which case I'm comfortable checking out available options and selecting something best-of-class for air)?

    EDIT: While my board is stable w/ my Q6600 at 3.6GHz w/ 1.4125v for the CPU, I had to drop my memory speeds from 1000MHz to 800MHz when I added some additional memory (all four DIMM slots filled now). I'm hoping that by bumping up my northbridge voltage I'll gain a bit more stability w/ the new memory (I already have my memory voltage at 2.2v and that was perfectly stable w/ the original pair of DIMM's at 1000MHz, but not with the addition of the new DIMM's which are otherwise identical).

    EDIT2: Turns out the second pair of DIMM's is not stable at anything over 800MHz even by itself in the same slots as the original two (ie - replaced the original two w/ the new ones). It's an identical part, but doesn't clock as well. Lame for memory that I paid a premium for. Curious to see what OCZ will have to say about it.
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    I'm not sure how much is too high for the NB but I would try to keep it below 50, anything over than that = instant reboot or BSOD.

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