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    Optimizations for your seti client

    Quote Originally Posted by Seti Forums
    Crunch3r's page,, has the most recent stable builds from the Chicken/lunatics sources for:
    - Linux x86, x86_64
    - Windows IA64, x86, x86_64

    For those running Windows Vista, those are the only usable versions from code.

    Crunch3r's builds also have the adjustable LOAD_STORE_ADJUSTMENT credit multiplier value, so if the project activates that feature after stock 6.x apps are released here an upgrade shouldn't be necessary. Builds from do not have that feature.

    Crunch3r's builds are missing two minor features, the inclusion of what signals were found when there's a result_overflow and checking of speeds of cache and memory transfers.
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    Thanks, Eagle. I hope this helps boost my Athlon's output a bit.
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