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    Honest Question...PLEASE help me out!


    I am currently running a computer with an AMD Opteron 165 (s. 939), in a DFI Lanparty UT Ultra-D Mobo, with 2GB of OCZ Platinum DDR (400; PC3200) RAM, a single eVGA 7950GX2 (1048mb) vid card, and a 250GB Western Dig. HDD...

    I had a quick question about overclocking the proc. When I do so, should I just leave the RAM OC setting on auto?? For instance, I currently have the CPU OC'ed from stock 1.8Ghz/core to 2.0Ghz/core...As I move up so does the DDR, so it is currently at 444Mhz (normally at 400 at stock)....Am I doing this right??


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    Pretty much have the gist of it - evreything's in ratio with the FSB (where you are at 222). Now what this means is that your RAM is being overclocked as well, which may not be desirable once you reach your RAM's limit. In that case, you'll need to put the RAM on a divider, so that it runs at something other than a 1:1 ratio with twice the FSB.

    On 939 mobos, this ratio is determined out of 400. 400 would be 1:1 (400:400), 333 would be 5:6 (333:400), etc.

    For reference, I'm on a 2:3 ratio here (this means my RAM is actually underclocked), read as 266 in BIOS.
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    How do u change the ratio like that tho, is it the HT Multiplier?? mine is at x5 right now, and the CPU Multiplier is x9.

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    Here you go, check this out. You'll find lots of useful and great info there .

    Btw, Welcome to O/C Forums!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nebulous View Post
    Here you go, check this out. You'll find lots of useful and great info there .

    Btw, Welcome to O/C Forums!
    Thanks Nebulous

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