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    Mounting Thermochill PA120.3


    Today my new Thermochill PA120.3 rad arrived, but when I open the box they thing I found rad, no screws and no barbs.

    So what do I need to buy to mount the rad in Kandalf LCS case, I'm thing of mounting the rad in the back of the case.

    And which barbs I need to buy given I'm going to use 1/2" ID hoses.

    Also would mount the rad in the back going to effect airflow, or will it have problem with case fans which below the host air.


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    you'll need to order somw 1/2" ID barbs, you should be able to find them on just about any online retailer who deals in water cooling.

    Where in the "back of the case" do you plan to mount a 120.3? There is no way to mount a radiator that large internally on the "back" of the case. It will fit very easily however in the front drive bays.

    The Kandalf LCS comes with a thermaltake liquid cooling system (not recomended).
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    I'm planing to mount the rad from the outside, someone recommended I use Swiftech MCB-120 Radbox to mount it externally.

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    I got my rad from Danger Den and they forgot to ship the barbs over (they promptly shipped it to me the next day).

    99&#37; of the time I see the rad sells with the barbs (you have to chose what size) so you might want to double check your order.

    I screw the fans to the rad then screw the other side of the fan to the case. (Ie 12 screws holding a rad in place)

    What ever you do make sure its sturdy because the rad is suprisingly heavy once its filled with water. Havin it fall off with fans spinning and water everywhere isnt a nice experience.

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    Because I'm going use 120mm fans which comes with case radiator, so I'm going to use long screws.

    I'm going to try and fit it in the front door, I's going to be be tight but I think it will fit.

    By the way what the different between pull and push configuration !!!


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    If your going to put it in the front of the case I dont think you will need the swiftec mounting bracket (i usually see the being applied on the back of the case)

    Careful using long screws Ive seen a few pplz use the wrong screws and pirece the rad till it leaked.

    In terms of performance there is little to no difference between push and pull. Just set it up for the best air flow charactisitcs for your case or for the least amout of dust etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jas View Post
    you'll need to order somw 1/2" ID barbs, you should be able to find them on just about any online retailer who deals in water cooling.
    Sorry Jas, but that is not the case. Thermochills use 3/8" BSPP (British Standard parallel threads) on their rads for some stupid reason. Those barbs are almost impossible to find as everyone else uses 1/4" BSPP (also called G1/4"). The plastic barbs that Danger Den ships are actually 3/8" BSPT (tapered) and with sealant work because they are plastic and are basically crammed in there.

    The best solution is to order #4860K657 from (3/8" BSPP to 1/4" BSPP adapter) and then go order whatever normal 1/4"BSPP barbs you want. I highly recommend the G1/4" EK barbs- This is what I am using and they are solid and work like a charm.

    Also, for mounting screws, you would do yourself a favor and go to a hardware store and spend $3 on a #6-32 thread tap and tap out the screw holes to use threaded screws. It will make mounting much easier and with a regular threaded screw you run much less risk of puncturing the radiator by accident than using metal screws which have a very sharp tip on them.

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