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    XP Help Please "Your Security Settings Do not permit this action...

    When copying a file from a shared network file on my own personal network, to the local machine, i get a Security Warning while trying to drag and drop the file. IF I right click the file name and copy it will then allow me to paste the file to my local system from the remote. the error reads

    Security Warning: Your current security settings do not allow this action.

    I have enabled file sharing and I can 'map' the network drive properly. File sharing is allowed on both PC's and this is something new to me. This is not related to my AVG. This is a windows Security Warning. I want to know how I can disable this warning. Like I said if I right click and copy, I can paste the file to the local machine. If I try to drag and drop(even right click drag and drop) I get this error. Its annoying the crap out of me. Please help me solve this folks. Thanks in advance.

    PS: This seems to happen on any file type. In this case it was a jpg image I took with a digital cam.

    UPDATE!!! I finally found the fix. . PROBLEM SOLVED !! <---- linky

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