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    Help lost stable OC cant figure out whats going on

    So i built this system a few weeks ago

    4gb of crucial ballistix 800
    asus striker extreme
    geforce 8800 gts (g92) 512

    Anyways i got it up to 3.8ghz stable (12hrs orthos) with the ram at 950 4-3-3-3. i was using a geforce 7800 256mb gtx till my 8800 arrived. I installed the new video card played a a few games didnt notice ne problems. I had a tuniq tower originally but decided to go to a water cooler a few days after the video card arrived. So i took the thing apart installed a a few fans on the heat pipes for the NB, put the water cooler on booted it up and it was blue screening i cant get it stable at 3.8ghz again. Right now im running at 3.6. Does anyone have an idea about what the hell happend??!! the water cooler is running the proccessor alot cooler than the tuniq tower did. Im not sure but im thinking maybe its a psu issue i used an old aspire 680 watt i had its rated at 75% effecintcy. Could it just be crapping out? maybe the the vid card is drawing to much wattage? i just cant figure it out. I tried
    nb 1.5
    cpu vtt 1.55
    vcore 1.5
    it wont even get to 3650 this way when i had it running at vcore 1.475 and everything else stock voltage to hit 3.8. everest is reporting my cores at 47c under load right now at 1.4 so i know its not heat.

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    It might be a Memory problem, but I still think that a 12 hours Orthos test isn't enough to consider that absolute stability has been reached. The Memory and CPU tests must be done for at least 20 hours, in my book, if not 24 hours. However maybe that's just me. My old AMD 64 3500+ was apparently stable in my games at 2.7Ghz, until I got a few BSOD's during mere Internet browsing (it was very rare, but it still happened).

    Back then I tested at 2.7Ghz with Prime95 for 14 hours exactly. I THOUGHT it was stable, and my games were INDEED stable, they never crashed once. But then I decided one day to let the same test run for more than 14 hours and as I expected, somewhat, Prime95 gave me errors at the 17th hour of test. The bottom line is that it wasn't stable after all...and it wasn't the Memory.
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    the other day I swapped out my P5N-E SLI to try out a p35-DS3L and when I switched back I forgot that my memory modules are slightly different timings, so they must be paired exactly in each channel. Anyways, I forgot that this was the case so I had a few moments where I felt like I had lost my OC. I swapped the modules around and problem solved.

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    Boorishid, I would say at first glance it's your ram. I've gone through three sets of ballistix in my Asus board and had similar issues as you with all three. As soon as I switched to Kingston ram all my issues disappeared. Biggest problem for me was that I thought it was the mobo so I ordered another one just to experience it again with the new one.
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    so i ran memtest this morning no memmory faliure , i have no idea whats going on here. i ran orthos for 6 hours last night at 3.6 and it was stable then i started using my pc and windows kept ****ting on me again.

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    So i got the system on an hour of 3 diffrent stress tests running at the same time at 3.6 and rebooted windows wouldnt load had to click the vcore up, im thinkn this may be a power issue are these readings decent

    vcore 1.36
    +3.3v 3.18
    +5v 4.97
    +12v 11.84
    +5v standby 4.92

    They jump a lil lower and higher this is under load. also the psu is on rated at 75% effecentcy not 80+

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    Quote Originally Posted by boorishid View Post
    +5v 4.97
    +12v 11.84
    Not good, you should be over +12. Points to PSU problems. The PSU efficiency has no relationship to stability. You need a good PSU for overclocking.

    Did you try setting the memory timings to 5-5-5-18. It still could be memory as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zenoth View Post

    Back then I tested at 2.7Ghz with Prime95 for 14 hours exactly. I THOUGHT it was stable, and my games were INDEED stable, they never crashed once. But then I decided one day to let the same test run for more than 14 hours and as I expected, somewhat, Prime95 gave me errors at the 17th hour of test. The bottom line is that it wasn't stable after all...and it wasn't the Memory.
    Your issue sounds like not good enough cooling. Your temps probably aren't consistent. I have PCs that are like that, they always run Prime95 fine during overnight then fails when the sun is out.

    You need to get cooler air. Should be 24-hour stable after that.

    I had heat ruin my Prime95 test, because when it was almost done, the sun was baking my window and cooling duct. I shall have moved my cooling duct to another window.

    It would always Prime95 for 12 hours, because I had more than enough cold air at night.
    Prime95 always passed when I launched the Prime95 torture test when the sun was down then stopped it by 7 AM of the next day.

    The problem also may be caused by the heat coming on in the house.
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    Im pretty sure the cooling can handel things ive never seen the proc above 51c day or not. It winter and i keep my house at 68f my computer is in an antec 900 with all the fans on hi and the water cooling is cpu only nothing else in the loop. I was reading some **** about uping mpp and spp voltages last night i dont see those options in my bios though. I also tried to test the mobo last night set the multiplier to 6 cranked up the fsb i had to keep adding voltage to the cpu to get it stable even though it was only like a 300mhz over clock. The system wouldnt even boot at a 1900mhz bus wich is what it was at originally and working fine . I dunno whats going on but its ****ing me off . Should an e6750 only go to 3.2 or so on stock voltage ater 3.2 i gotta keep feeding it more and more just to get an unstable 3.6 at 1800mhz bus. Im thinking maybe i need to cool the chipset with more than air and get a new chip with a 9 instead of 8 multiplier. I really wanna hit 4ghz. Im just not sire if its the cpu or the mobo or maybe i have ****ass psu. Wich soon i will be going to sli and i dont trust it to run 2 512gts's either.

    This mobo doesnt seem to have asome options i may need though like the mcpp and spp volts and the fsb vtt it also doesnt report my chipset temp anyone have this problem with an asus striker extreme or p32en sli? Im running bios 1401 i upgraded from 1301 last night.

    Also if i wanted to put a water block on the chipset how would i go about it without distroying the heat pipe system? Im sorda scared to volt mod this mobo or cut the heat pipes 300 dollars is alota money for a mobo, i would much rather burn the ram or cpu up.

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    4ghz on an E6750 is pretty hard, I have to use like some rediculous amount of voltage just to get it to boot at that without even being close to stable

    My stable 3.6ghz OC is ~1.50V, some chips are just worse than others
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