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    Ill pay $$ - Need help with wordpress custom fields

    Hopefully I dont lose anybody when I try and explain what I need to do.

    First of all, Whoever gets this working for me will GET MONEY VIA PAYPAL if wanted. Not much, but Id be willing to give like $10. If you can solve this you can probably help me with a couple other things I need, so theres the possibility of even more money.

    For each post, I need to display 2 images side by side at the end of the post. Call them Image Spot 1 and 2.
    I dont care how theyre stored but for each image displayed it has a unique url its linked to. So say I have 10 images. Each image links to a certain url. I need to be able to type in the name of the image in the custom field when making a post and it put the image in the post and link it to where I previously defined.

    If you dont understand what I mean, I can explain it further.
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    so you want to be able to insert the image filename, and have it link to where the image was orignally posted?
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    Post in the forum or from a program? Which language? Which OS? Which interface?

    BTW, I am not sure if offering money is the legal way to do it by the forum rules...
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    You'll get free help here.

    Hopefully a mod will only change the title instead of closing it, I don't think you did anything wrong purposely.
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    I did a random search and came up with a blogging web app. Kind of funny when a website brags about standards and has browser errors. lol. PHP/MySQL. I'm out. Good luck.

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    This part is asking for free help. If you want services for hire. You know where that is. Your money is no good in this section.

    Now if someone helps you outside of the thread. Then you give them a donation. Well the forum cannot control that. If you get hacked or pinched, that is on you. You did not post in the right spot and get protections.

    Are you looking for an imageshack type of code? Or a youtube video type link? Output for each image. Sometimes it is easier to use an existing site to get the idea across.

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