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    Yet another cases thread (lights)

    Ok, geeks, Im going to get a real PSU for my system and thinking about getting a nice case for it as well. My current one is a boring Viper case, while cheap it looks boring and also wasnt too comfortable or too cool... Give me suggestions

    - Aluminium cases - nice, I saw one at store, but absolutely cant afford it. (like 300$)
    - Alien cases are available over here. I think I'm getting one of these, the full tower will cost me around 130$...
    - Clear Cases - Havent seen them over here yet making them *very* expensive to get. Would only bring it when I put a lamp into the case. Since I consider doing that no matter what case I get, any infos on placing lights into a case and feed it?

    Thanks dudes for any infos

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    alright, to should get an antec full tower case. the sx1200 is only $59, but it has 6 X 5.25 2 X 3.5 external, and 6 or 7 X 3.5 inside. it comes with two 80mm fans, and has a really good warranty, the sx1240 comes with a 400 watt antec psu, which is very good and can be bought for about $130. these cases are real big, and you can put anything you want in them, and still have plenty of room

    for the psu problem. if you get the sx1200, then you can find a 431 watt enermax(very good) for $80 with a two year warranty. if you get the sx1240, then the antec psu will be quite good also.
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