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    Direction Please e6850

    After some other information I now have a stable 3.6ghz e6850 that is Prime95 tested at both 12, and 24 hours, cleared, error free.

    Now to take it to the next step, or so I hope.

    Currently these are my settings under CPU-Z:
    CPU: 3.608ghz
    Multi: x8
    FSB: 451
    Rated FSB: 1804.2
    Dram Freq: 902.1
    FSBRAM: 1:2
    Clock: 9-9-9-24
    Com Raate: 1T

    Temps are as follows at Idle:
    MOBO: 27c
    Core1: 32c
    Core2: 23c
    NB: 32c
    SB: 28c

    Temps are as follows at Load:
    MOBO: 27c
    CPU: 41c
    Core1: 50c
    Core2: 41c
    NB: 34c
    SB: 29c

    CPUv: 1.42
    CPU PLLv: 1.60
    NBv: 1.49
    DRAMv: 1.90
    FSBTermv: 1.36
    SBv: 1.125

    CPU GTL Ref: .63x
    NB GTL Ref: .67x

    Now tonight I plan to start testing and run Prime95 with the setting on the FSB up'ed to 465 while dropping the CPU voltage to 1.38 or so. Would this be the ideal way in trying to pump out some more ghz, or am I still running down the wrong road ? This is my first experience with OC'ing and first experience building a comp!

    At FSB 465 if I can run for 6-10 hours stable I would like to bump it up some more but currently im trying to take it slow and one step at a time to allow the CPU to get used to running under the new settings.

    Any guidance would be very much appriciated and welcome!

    Thanks in advance,


    [Comp Specs]
    Asus Maximus Extreme MOBO
    OCz 1600 DDR3 2gig currently
    Thermaltake 1k PSU
    Water cooled (CPU and NB are both being cooled by the setup that came in the Thermaltake Swordm Case, not the best, but soon to be replaced by the Koolance CPU-330 CPU Block, 2x Koolance VR-AS40 Voltage Reg Blocks, Koolance CHC-120 NB Block, and running this loop the Koolance EXOS-2 LX)

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    I'm running my E6850 stable a bit higher spec.
    CPU: 3.8 Ghz
    Multi: x8
    FSB: 475
    Rated FSB: 1900
    RAM Freq: 1140
    Ratio: 5:6
    Timings: 6-6-6-18
    FSB voltage:1.5
    CPU idle temp: 22
    CPU load temp: 48

    Hope this gives you some of the info you were looking for
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