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    Hardware / XP question

    Ok, I upgraded my personal computer (see sig) to XP from 2k. So far, I have been enjoying XP. I also formatted my Duron 800 computer, which was my Linux box, and installed XP until I need Linux again. These two computers are fairly fast, and can handle XP.

    I have the family computer here, which is running 98 and has gotten to be unbearably slow. It is a P3 500 @ 600, DFI motherboard, 256 Megs ram, 20 GIG IBM 7200 rpm hard drive, SB Live!, TNT2 Ultra, etc.... Would it be wise to install XP on this computer, or would I be testing it's hardware too much?

    So basically, 98SE or XP. Which?

    BTW, XP crashed on my personal computer today, that's the second time in about a month. Stability of Win2k .

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    Hi supraway,
    Personally I'll go with XP, coz faster than Win98, but bigger, and onestly the system doesn't seem to be so slowly, has a fast Hd, a good Vid card, and a good quantity of ram for an OS like XP.
    Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD4 F11T (half dead)
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    2 Intel X25-V 40Gb in Raid0
    2 Barracuda 500Gb in Raid1
    Seasoninc S12 II 620W
    U2-UFO Case cooled by ~750Cfm!
    W10 Pro 64Bit

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    go with xp i agree with doors

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    I've found DFI boards to be slower than most...although they are generally stable

    perhaps you are due for a CPU upgrade in that board also

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