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    Why is browsing network computers sooo slow?

    WinXP Pro

    When I want to transfer files to shared folders, it just takes forever to find the pc's and folders under my network places.

    What causes this? It seems like I remember a time when it wouldn't take so long to access my shares.

    Thanks in advance for any info.

    Found some info. Thanks.
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    I have noticed the same thing and I think its related to security crap.
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    i recall it something to do with windows looking for shared printers and devices making it take longer, cant recall how to disable it though.

    go to start / run typein gpedit i beelive in there is an option to not wait for windows to look for shares.
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    The way around it is to type the devices name exactly into windows explorer bar. I had the same problem and that's the way I found to make it much faster. For instance type \\computer name\folder (I think...haven't done it in a while). Regardless the next time you browse to the network folder in question just remember the link in the windows explorer used to get there. Then the next time you want to get there simply open an explorer and type the path and hit enter...should be almost instant. It doesn't answer your question exactly but it works.
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    Do you have the firewall exception for file and printer sharing checked?
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    you can try mapping your network shares to a drive letter or open 'my network places' and deleting everything that shows (it could be searching for a network share that doesnt exist anymore and deleting everything would clean it up so that it searches only what is connected)

    personally if you plan on using the network share a lot, just map the network share to a drive letter for ease of use.

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    Thanks all

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