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    gigabyte lover check this ... ga-x48-dq6

    so this is the first x48 board to came out ... check this link ... look good ... so what about bench now ...

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    About to follow the link. First impression from what I see here is: Good move going with DDR2, Gigabyte.

    Second impression: NorthBridge IHS!? Thats a screaming board, but will it get too too hot to OC?

    It also seems that DES is more suited to non-overclocked rigs.
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    Impressive advantage when OCed, also at 1600x1200 in games the difference is there.

    DDR3 would push the performance a bit more and can be reused in future Nehalem systems, so i think im gonna stay away from X48+DDR2 for now. Maybe March/April will be a good time for X48 + DDR3.

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    Well let's see... The markets saturated, we're entering a recession, and intel releases a new chipset.

    It was only two years ago that I first upgraded to C2D and most computer buyers don't even know what THAT is. They never even got to *see* a P38 board. And now the X48 is coming.

    I don't know how wise it is. Not like AMD is banging on the door with competition either...
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    x48 is nothing new rain, its a binned x38. P45 is different from p35, main thing for the name change is that pcie 2.0 support... P38 wouldnt make since imo since they are adding new features. if P35 had pcie 2.0 support but then just tweaked it more for ocing then P38 would make sense.

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    Any idea when this board will be available for purchase?

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