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    Asus P5NSLI + E8400 C2D problems...

    Ok well I have just upgraded my system in my sig (top one) to what I listed in the title. Currently when I turn on the computer nothing happens. All the fans turn on, I hear the HD turning on, but I get nothing on my screen. No beeps or anything.

    I think the problem is because the BIOS doesn't support the CPU right out of the box, but I was hoping that it would atleast boot up so I can flash it to the newest BIOS that does support the new 45nm CPUs.

    I have checked each connection 30 times, and I know all the parts are in working order (well other then the CPU/Mobo/Ram since they are brand new). Would the fact that it doesn't support the CPU cause this problem? Or wouldn't I at least get some beeps or something? Is there a way to blind flash it? Or should I just bring the mobo back and get something that will work right out of the box?
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    could be you need a bios flash try clearing cmos and one stick of memory besides that any old 775 chip should work to flash it
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