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Thread: OCing a 780i

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    OCing a 780i

    so finally bought a new comp, and will be assembling this week. Old PC is a IC7-G with a P4 extreme (yeah the 478pin one!)

    Anyways, OCing on that board was very easy. everything was in teh bios, only thing to OC with software was teh Vid card. Is everythign still like that?

    Basically I see these software programs that comp with the mobo, i see nTune, etc and im wondering if they just let you do the same as setting things in bios. I hate having extra "one-time" apps installed on my machine.

    Also, im new to nVidia chipsets, so OCing this will be different from an intel chipset by alot im guessing.

    If there are softwares that "add" functionality what are they? Ill have an EVGA 780i and a 8800GTS G92.

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    if your a ocer you shouldnt have any problems with the may take a few days to get used to the extra settings but once you do youll be off and running.your anticipation is correct.the options are of a much wider range than your old rig(easily tweaked memory timings,voltage options etc).
    i would still use rivatuner for the can use the supplied software(ntune)for the gpu as well but ive found it to be buggy as hell.for the cpu just stick to bios ocs and youll be golden.
    going from a p4 to that rig is going to blow you away!have fun man!

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    What he said is right about now. It's idiot-proof. You don't know what they are, leave em on auto. Simple as that.

    However, if you're ocing on a 780i, you might have a fsb bottle neck of 450mhz, according to the (H)ocp. By the way, nice system you got there. 8800GTS G92 SLI is going to be very nice. Plus some quad cores at 4ghz (450X9) is going to be nice!

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