Hi all,

I'm doing research for a business studies type unit on my uni degree (network management). We have to research a company involved with technology and cover (in a group) several areas of the company, mostly stuff like aims/mission, financial performance, problems within the company (such as absenteeism and product inferiority), and things like that. At the end of it we have to give in a report and do a powerpoint presentation.

I chose AMD (figured it would have a lot to talk about in terms of "financial difficulties" ) but, like any big company I guess, I'm finding it quite hard to extract what information I need.

At the moment, my role in the group is to research things under these headers:

i. Overall aims / Mission
ii. Examples of short and long-term objectives
iii. Diversity of products and services
iv. Ownership and control

Although I will probably be given / get more subjects to research as time goes on and we discover what actually has to be covered.

I have garnered some information from Google, Wikipedia, and AMD's own financial reports (and their ever-useful 171-page annual report), but I am still finding a lack of useful information on a lot of these areas, especially long/short term objectives.

I'm just wondering if anyone knows any good resources on AMD's business / financial structure, or can link me to any documents explaining their business structure / plan in detail, or even better a simple, concatenated list containing summeries of information about the company, especially fitting into these headings?

Basically, I'm wondering if anyone knows anywhere better to get hold of information on AMD, or if anyone has any useful "insider knowledge / information" that I could have?

Thank you in advance for any information!
~Arby .