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    9700LED + E8400 temps w/ Pic concerns

    Well, its been almost a week since I got my e8400. I got a Zalman 9700LED from microcenter due to them being out of stock of anything else when I went. I read the zalman is sufficient, albiet not the best.

    However I am watching others and their temp postings, and I am starting to wonder if I am having not as efficient as I should results. The oc is simple at best, e8400 at 3.6Ghz. I am using a CM690 case with 6 120mm fans.

    I decided to take these after i was 3 hours into a Orthos blend run so the temps could climb abit to better see if there is a issue.

    Any opinions are welcomed.

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    Some E8400s have bugged thermal probes. Also, how much paste did you put on? And are there any fans blowing into the side of the 9700? That harms the flow of air through my 9500.
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    Well i used the brush on the grease provided in the package. I put a very thin later on the cpu and base of the HSF. It wasnt thick at all. I found one dab into the bottle was enough to cover each side sufficient. I didnt dab, brush, dab, brush. I just spread what was on the brush and it seemed good enough to cover the bases smoothly.

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