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    Max FSB on A7V133

    I've got an A7V133 and I'm pretty much maxed out at 144 FSB. I was just wondering if anyone had done much better than that with theirs. Also, are there PCI/AGP dividers on this board? and if so, how do you set them? most of my specs are in the sig.

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    I had mine up to 166 with the multiplier set down.
    I don't recomend keeping it there because most of the other stuff doesn't like running that fast. The PCI divisor only goes to 1/4 and the AGP runs at half, I think!
    That sound card may be holding you back. You could try taking it out and trying again.
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    You've hit something other than the boards limit i think. Mine runs fine at 148 mhz, above that the ram craps out...You might also check your northbridge heatsink, my first A7V133 <died due to an unfortunate mistake during a removal of my PAL 8045> had its Northbridge fan die one day due to it being a crappy fan, however that board did hold 140+ FSB fine still...
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    I got A7V133 rev1005 updated to 1007.

    Nortbridge temp is 23 C and T-Bird 1.2@1.4 temp 43 C

    My memorys is SUPPOSED to be able to be at (PQI) 166@cas3 but no.

    I can get into windows at 164@cas3 but I get alot of BSODS and then the multiplier is set at 7

    The memorys might been hurt by ESD but I doubt it. What is wrong?

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    Highest I ever got mine was 143, but my RAM was holding me back. I couldn't run it @ CAS2 that high, and performance would've been stinted too much to run it @ CAS3.

    Now I have two sticks and can only manage 136. Could get 141 before.
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