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    Optimus Maximus Keyboard is Wild!

    No, I dont have one, nor would I spend $1600 for a keyboard. Just thought I'd stick this in here for those who are curious about it. This is the future of keyboards I believe. Will be nice when they become reasonable to purchase. I think its COOL!

    Check it out.
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    Yeah cough cough ! Dont think I would shell out that for one either.
    but it is nice looking.

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    Wow, $1600 for a keyboard? Id rather spend the money on upgrading my computer and stick with my G15 and its LCD display. I can see how it may be the future of keyboards, but right now its something only useful for the extremely rich.
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    Good to see it finally on the market, I remember reading about this a few years ago. It'll come down in price over time, although beyond the cool factor I don't think it's really usefull (how many times do you look down at your keyboard to find a key in a game?). If your constantly looking for keys or pictures of something in a game I think somethings should've spent more time learning where those keys were as oposed to programming the keyboard to put the picture in place.
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    Only use I can see for this (other than looking kickass) would be learning an alternate keyboard layout such as Dvorak, and I really don't think that's worth $1600.
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    If I had tons of money to blow on computer stuff I would buy that...other than that...I'll keep using my 10 year old HP keyboard.
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    The blink factor.

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    For those poor souls with out $1600.00

    The Optimus mini three keyboard:
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    anandtech reviewed it and said it was so hard to type on, your hands would get tired in 5 minutes
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    bah, a trusty old Model-M is better.
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    Quote Originally Posted by billb View Post
    For those poor souls with out $1600.00

    The Optimus mini three keyboard:
    Uh, does this only have 3 keys? What the heck...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skeen View Post
    Uh, does this only have 3 keys? What the heck...
    Yeah. You get the changable LCD functions, without the rest of the keyboard

    And it is true that this is getting panned for being crab to type on, apparently. Engadget also doesn't like it's typiness.
    Someone didn't do their usability research, it appears
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