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    OC'd IP35 Pro slower than stock???

    I built the system in my sig about a month ago. I was able to get to a little over 3GHz without any trouble. In order to see if it was worth it to go further, I started running the trial version of PCMark05 with different OC settings (set through uGuru) to see how much I was gaining by pushing further (FSB changed, but nothing else). Here is what I found:

    Run 1: FSB at 322 (2.9GHz), PCMark score 8189
    Run 2: FSB at 302 (2.7GHz), PCMark score 8235
    Run 3: FSB at 280 (2.5GHz), PCMark score 8413

    Higher scores are better, so what's up with this??? If I believe the results, I am better off with stock settings. What am I missing here?

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    What did you set the memory timings and ratio to for each of the OCs? I dunno how much memory bandwidth affects PCMark, but that could be one thing.
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    Memory was running 620 at 1:1. Remember it was the same for all runs as was everything except FSB.

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    are the timings on the ram set to auto?
    if they are that would explain it. As the fsb increases the board will automatically relax the timings. Relaxed timings mean slower throughput for benchmarking.

    In practical use the stick about ocing a c2q states that there is little difference for having tighter timings but that it really shows up in benchmarks
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    Quote Originally Posted by ManicRC View Post
    Memory was running 620 at 1:1. Remember it was the same for all runs as was everything except FSB.
    On intel boards fsb is linked with memory speed. If memory was running 620 in 1;1 ratio then you fsb should have been 310. You decrease/increase fsb and it decreases/increases memory speed. Make sure you have memory multiplier set to 1:1 not running auto. Also set you timings manually.

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    Also, reboot the PC b/n runs.
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