Anyone out there running this mobo with a goood oc on a G0?

I cannot get stable at 3.0gz
You guys see anything im not?

Mobo: evga 680i nf68 rev.A2
bios P32
proc q6600 GO
ram: 4gb gskill pc2-8000
win xp pro sp2.

I currently have the fsb bumped to 1333
Memory unlinked@1000mhz 5-5-5-15 2T

P32 bios claims to have fixed temp reads, better stability with quads etc. etc.

temps in bios are 47-50c
core temp is 39-41c(huh?)

cpu core 1.4
cpu fsb 1.5
memory 2.0
nforce spp[auto] 1.3
nforce mcp[auto] 1.5
ht nforce spp<>mcp[auto] 1.2

apci enabled
nvidia gpu ex disabled
apic disabled

legacy usb enabled.

all spread spectrums disabled.

temps seem off from bios to core, vcpu core seems off too from bios to cpuz.

What am i not doing here?