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    Need help/advice about voltage: I want to upgrade my ram from pc2 5300 to pc2 6400

    I recently bought a gateway fx7024. The pc comes with 3 gigs of pc2 5300 at 1.8 volts. I checked the specifications for my motherboard on the gateway site and it says that it "supports 1.8V DIMMs."

    I want to switch to 4 gigs pc2 6400. Specifically, I was looking to upgrade to the corsair xms2. The specification for this ram says that the voltage is 2.1. Will my pc be able to use this ram, or do I have to look for rams that have a voltage of 1.8?

    The os in this pc is vista, and I know that it won't recognize all 4 gigs; it'll probably recognize 3.5 gigs or so, but I'm not really concerned about that. I figured that I'd buy 4 gigs just to fill up the memory slots.

    I would also appreciate it if anyone here could answer this additional question for me. By doing this upgrade, will there there be any significant improvements with my system in regards to running the os and playing games? I would really appreciate the help here. Thanks.

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    honestly you would be better off just going with another 1gb of the memory your running right now.with a prebuilt rig you wont be able to do anything with the extra bandwidth(overclock) that the 6400 would offer.
    its always good to know what your mb is capable of so i would check your bios for any voltage options regarding memory.i wouldnt get my hopes up tho
    and welcome to OCF!

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    Cant agree more... Corsair products are great products, but gateways are locked down as far as upgrading. If you are going to make such a step, I would talk to Gateway. The truth is, that the Mobo in that machine was made for thousands of machines just like it. Thus their probably is less flexibility in the design then you would find in a custom built machine using parts made for large ranges of devices.

    Dont feel bad, customizing your machine can be great fun, and a great big headache. If I was going to start over, I would of gone with a company like JNCS for their PC's. They use standard parts, support the ENTIRE thing (even the video card which has a normal 1 year warranty) and no headaches of incompatible parts, finding the best parts, etc. Also, FrozenCPU is just around the corner from them (like a 1 mile drive), so advanced cooling is a definite possibility.

    They design everything to spec, and they are a great company. I often call them for advice on what parts to buy, even though they know I am buying from NewEgg. They did get my fathers business on a duel Xeon machine (8 cores), so their free advice does pay in dividends.
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    Thanks for the help guys. I was beginning to think that no one was actually going to post a reply to my thread. Looks like I'll be sticking to my 5300's after all. Thanks again.

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