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    Would 8GB of RAM effect e8400 Overclock?

    Main Question is the title.... Does having 8GB of ram negatively effect my ability to overclock this cpu? And if it does could you explain why? I have searched and searched on this topic and I can't find anything really about it. Some have said it does make it harder to overclock but I don't really trust the sources. The reason I am asking is because I am unhappy with the amount of voltage I am having to put into my e8400 to get to 4GHz. This is my first build and its only 2+ weeks old. It is also my first time OCing but I have a pretty good understanding of computers in general and I am a fast learner. I would like to be able to go with 4GHz 24/7 but I don't want to go with voltages high enough to degrade my chip b/c I don't plan on upgrading for awhile. So I guess to rephrase the question...Would having less than 8GB of ram enable me to use less voltage to reach 4GHz. Current Voltages: 1.465v BIOS, 1.37v cpuZ/Everest, 1.44 MCH (Have to keep it decently high to ensure the 4 used DIMMS get enough juice) CPU VTT 1.23. All other voltages are default. Temps in Everest are 43C idle/50C load and I am pretty sure they are close enough b/c I have updated to the b04 BETA BIOS and had a friend check the temps with the gun and Everest was only 1 degree off 3 separate times.

    So if anyone could answer my question it would help a lot or just give me a link and I will research it myself but like I said I haven't been able to find anything on it and I am new to building and overclocking....I have learned alot the past few months especially from this site but I still don't know even close to what a lot of you guys do.

    Also if there is any other way to be able to lower the cpu voltages let me know as well. I am fine with all the other voltages and I can raise or tweak any of if tweaking them in some way would enable me to lower cpu volts them I am all for it enlighten me.

    Another thing to mention is I got the same OC 4005MHz/1.465vBIOS,1.37vEverest with the stock intel HSF. I had to RMA my Zalman 9700 at first, but I received and installed it today and my temps went down a lot but I can't lower voltages and keep it stable. It booted at 1.425vBIOS but crashed like 5 minutes in. It ran for about 30 min. at 1.445vBIOS, but it will only remain stable at 1.465vBIOS. I can leave all other voltages stock, but like I said I raise MCH to 1.44 because I have 4 sticks of RAM....NOT to keep the cpu stable.

    My rig:
    abit IP35 Pro mobo
    e8400 cpu (4005MHz 9x445 1.465v BIOS, 1.37v cpuZ/Everest)
    8GB DDR2 800 PC6400 Mushkin RAM (2.1 volts...timings are auto but stay at 5-5-5-18...they are rated at 4-4-4-12 but I can't tighten them up for the life of me. On auto the RAM stays at about 1070 as well.)
    MSI 8800GT OCed to 700/1775/990 24/7....725/1815/1050 for benching/gaming
    Zalman 9700 HSF
    Cooler Master Cosmos Case w/ 6 120mm case fans (4 stock Cosmos locations, 1 Fan on HDD, 1 Fan on RAM)
    Cooler Master 750w psu
    1TB Seagate Barracuda HDD
    22" Acer HD Widescreen Monitor
    Vista Ultimate x64/Ubuntu
    3DMark06 score with gpu stock and e8400 @ 3.6GHz 13,681. Haven't tried it OCed yet.

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    Well it just crashed at 4005GHz at 1.465v BIOS/1.37v Everest 1 hour and 15 minutes into Orthos. So not 24/7 stable there either.......unless you guys can help a brother in need I guess I won't be running 4GHz 24/7.

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    It won't/shouldn't affect the CPU but it'll definitely affect the memory controller. Try boosting MCH voltage a little more and lowering timings. Also see if there are any internal bootstrap dividers you can change (i.e. use the 1333MHz bootstrap if you're not using it (though my guess is that you are judging from the CPU you have).
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    I'm not so sure 4GHz 24/7 is such a great idea with a e8400, anyway, unless it's a golden chip that runs those speeds at low voltage. Mine runs stable but I've heard too many horror stories about degredation in the 1.4V range after only a month or so. It's not a big stretch to think that voltages close to but below 1.4V would have an impact, too, over a slightly longer time frame.
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