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    Zalman 9500 question

    So I finally settled on the Zalman cnps9500am2 on a Phenom 9600. It is running about 10 degrees F cooler then it did with the stock cooler. Is this considered good/bad/average?

    The only real issue is that the cpu fan seems to be running at 75000 rpm :P. In the bios it shows correctly, but pcprobe no longer seems to be able to tell how fast it is running.

    It comes with FanMate 2 - anyone use this, and is it worth hooking up?

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    So I installed the FanMate thing. Ran it a bit. Decided I didn't need to slow the fan down any. Slower fan = hotter cpu. I bought the thing because I wanted a cooler cpu, why would I want to make it hotter? Removed cpu is cool again

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    Of the Zalman sinks I have, I have only used the fanmate on one, a CNPS7700B-Cu, and that is only because it is old, and the fan motor is whining at full speed.
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