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    MX-2 vs AS5 vs other stuff

    Maybe Im missing something, but from my limited testing it seems that MX-2 is garbage. EVERY single time I use it (n=6 or 7) I get temps that SUCK EGGS! Even after remounting with MX-2 my temps are horrible.

    When I switch back to AS5, temps dramatically improve. Perhaps some of these poor temp issues can be from mounting issues, but Ive remounted several times to test and no dramatic changes.

    These are C2Q and C2D on air. Typically a TRUE 120 or sometimes a Tuniq Tower or in 1 situation a P4 on an older aftermarket coolermaster HSF.

    Am I misusing the MX-2? Is it for some other use other than air, or is it just inferior to AS5?


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    there was a HUGE article about thermal pastes that came out recently

    follow this thread
    Project Quick Bench
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    i got better temps with mx-2 and a little better with ic7.
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    I use Shin-Etsu X-23 and get great temp's.

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    I use MX2 and love it so easy to use

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