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    Unsure which revision of Q6600 I got

    cpu-z says my Q6600 is a G0 revision,yet intel cpu id says it a B3 revision while sisoft sandra says its a G8,very confused here

    is there any other program i can use to identify my revision?


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    If you have your box,

    SLA9U ( is B3)

    SLACR (is G0)
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    Quote Originally Posted by JamesXP View Post
    If you have your box,

    SLA9U ( is B3)

    SLACR (is G0)
    sorry i no longer have box,is there any other way too tell without physically removing the cpu?


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    i would like to know to. i don't have the box and sanded my chip.
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    cpu-z should correctly identify revision. I would go with that. Or Coretemp as well.
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    cpuz has never failed me so I would go with that, you could also oc it to find out. high oc=go, low oc=b3.
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    if it looks like below its a B3

    otherwise it should look like this.
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