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Thread: Heat sinks

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    Heat sinks

    Does any one know if the alpha 8045 and swiftech mc462 -a
    fit on the soltek sl_75drv2 motherboard

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    Hi NEWBIE911, welcome to the Forum,
    I'm sorry but for sure your Mobo isn't compatible with the HeatSInk Pal8045 (check it here) so I suppose that is the same with the Swiftech MC462A.
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    You can modify the heatsinks, however, to fit, as long as you have a hacksaw and vise. This does void the warranty, howver (how the hell are yo going to break a heatsink anyhow???)

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    I had to take the corner off my alpha to clear a capacitor.. I used a file. IT worked great.

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    an alternate idea is getting the swiftech mcx370 designed for socket 370 cpus but i am sure it will fit your mobo

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    MCX462, have one and love it. no problems installing no clearence probs.

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    Usually people will work around if it doesn't fit. In this case in the thread you've see people used files etc.

    Before my slot computer died I had a Volcano 6cu+ I was planning to put on the slotket I had to cut down maybe 2-3cm because it was coming in contact with the chipset.

    You can hacksaw or get a machine sandpaper thingy I don't know what it's called
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