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    Max range wireless adapter

    I'm looking for a wireless adapter USB or PCI that will give me the max range to pick up signals.

    Of the ones I've tried this wouldn't pick up a signal:

    But this one would:

    So I'm kind of clueless of what is a good one to buy for maximum range.

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    one of these is very good for you I think

    I have this myself

    but, with this antenna on

    My router is set up @ 45ft approximatly. The signal goes through alot of doors and walls

    the standard 2dbi antenna gave me 92dbi signal and 78dbi noise(this is a very very bad signal)

    The antenna I got gives me 69-60dbi signal and 99dbi noise(very good signal)

    didn't cost me much and I really love it, just don't buy the crappy onmi antenne the chinese are advertising on ebay, they usually don't work and signal gets worse because of that restricting cable..

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