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    Which pump? Laing DDC or Laing D5

    For starters the loop (in order)
    pump->swiftec apogee GT-> Swiftec Rad 220-> resivoir

    I am planning to throw a waterblock in there sometime but was debating if i would need the power of the D5. I also have a smalish case so the DDC is looking good, but the GPM is not even close to the D5
    I have heard that the D5 is noisy, is this true?
    and finaly,

    Which of these pumps would be better?

    (The DDC would have petras top water entrance mod
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    how many water blocks are you looking to add?

    the D5 comes in two versions. one with variable speed settings (1-5) and one that runs at a constant speed (which i think corresponds to 4 on the variable). they are noted differently becomes the constant speed one has a B in the name.

    i just made my first WC project purchases and I decided with the D5 variable over the DDC. I was under the impression that it is in general a better pump then the DDC and I was actually able to purchase it for a price cheaper than I was finding the DDC.

    you can use martin's flow estimater, found here

    there you can select what blocks you will be using along with the pump. it gives some options for different DDC tops. i'd say if you are only running one or two blocks, then the ddc is ample. you can use the flow estimator to get an idea (just remember it is only an estimate) and think about what range you want to stay in with your gpm. take a look at it, its an excel document.

    as for D5 noise, i will let you know at weeks end when my parts are only in and assembled.

    also, I am not to familiar with custom tops, although they do improve flow most the time. search with google and i think martin's website, (where the sheet is from), has a good spread on ddc tops. hope i helped.

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    The DDC comes in two flavors-the 3.1 and 3.2. The 3.1 is the 10w (or is it 9w) version, and the DDC 3.2 is the 18w version. The DDC 3.1 is a very quiet pump. The DDC 3.2 is a little louder and has a bit more head pressure.

    The DDC 3.2 with an aftermarket top will perform on par or outperform the D5. The DDC has more head pressure than the D5, which as you add blocks becomes more important than the raw gpm rating. The best top currently available per Martinmn's testing on over on XS is the XSPC top, which can be had from FrozenCPU for $20. The petras top lags behind it just a bit in performance, but not by that much.

    Martin's flowrate calculator is a great way to get an estimate of flow. Both flavors of the DDC and the D5 are good, reliable pumps. The DDC pumps need the aftermarket top to shine. The D5 is too loud to me (34db or so vs 24db for the DDC 3.1 if I remember right). If you want quiet, go with the DDC 3.1. If you don't mind a bit more noise and need more pressure/flow, go with the DDC 3.2. The D5 is also a solid choice, and can be cheaper as it needs no aftermarket top.

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    I believe that was true with the old DDC 18v + new top but the newer one isn't quite as good the old one and so the D5 still beats it.
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