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    My Maximus Formula/E8400 OC...stable?

    The rig is in my sig.

    1.325 vcore (set in bios). CPU-Z says 1.256 loaded or 1.288 idle vcore.
    NB Voltage 1.51v (set in bios) Everest reads as 1.55v loaded/idle.
    400 strap
    Clock twister (asus specific setting) on "strong"
    Everything else set on auto.

    Temps look okay? Seems kind of warm but my room is warm too.

    I keep itching to want to buy the X3350 or Q9450. But I know I probably won't seem enough difference to justify spending another $350 or so.

    Would you call it stable?
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    I would call it definitely stable. Good work. Temps are slightly higher than mine(TRU-120) but if your ambient is higher that's why. Nice voltage btw, mine is a bit higher for that OC to be stable.
    No Rig currently :(
    New Rig to be built in coming months......i7? Maybe :)

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    Looks pretty dam stable to me .. If your still worried about stability though, run the Orthos Small FFTs test .. That's that hardest on CPU .. Very nice volts too
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