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    EOC down for maintenance

    So I had to go to Kakao Stats.
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    Congrats on the BIG one WII

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    Congrats on a cool one million!!!

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    All ppd from friends and family. Many thanks to HayesK for his support and congrats on being the #1 Folder on Team 32. Special thanks to ChrisC and ColinC

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    Great job, Warrior!

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    Congrats Warrior, welcome to the club
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    cool man wtf !

    you are 1 dedicated folder Warrior II

    in true form of the Warrior let me just say GET SOMEEEEE
    Working on my I7 Asus P6T SE build
    feel free to donate lol

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    Congratulations Warrior!
    ihrsetrdr aka Tim

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    Dats purdy fine number!! Houston, the Eagle has landed.

    P4 -Opteron 6274, 2.6ghz, 32gb, CoolerMaster 212+
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    Nice one Warrior, seen you around here for quite a while....nice to see you finally get the million...

    *Slides Warrior a beer down the bar*

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    time for a million 's
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    Fold for Team32

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    Congratulations Warrior!!
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    Whoo Hoo!!

    Nice pointage Warrior!!

    Fold on!!
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    congrats please make room for our newest millionaire

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