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    Can't turn down my 8600GTS fan, RivaTuner isn't applying??

    I'm Stumped all around,

    I got the 8600GTS for my HTPC build, but the fan on the MSI NX8600GTS is just insanely loud. So I installed RivaTuner and tried to turn down the fan speed, but at 25% it didn't change anything, the fan was still spinning just as fast.

    Since this is a htpc, i'd really like it to be silent, is there anything you can recomend for me to be able to turn down the gpu fan?

    Thanks guys

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    what exact model gts is it, I have a fanless gts and a bfg oc

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    whats the fan pluged into? the card or the mobo or ???

    what brand is it? might not support fan control?

    if you can get an aftermarket cooler with the right connection you could run it through a POT/fan controller

    or... one of thoes should fit your application and are reasonably priced

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    Have you updated the driver? I have the same issue with my 9800gtx and it's a driver issue, at least for me.

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    rpoc, sorry if this insults you, but I know I've forgotten the simplest things many times and kicked myself for it. Did you click apply after moving the fan slider down?
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    This is the model that it is :

    The drivers are up to date on the card,aaaand yea i clicked apply, i forget stuff like that all the time so I actually checked it a couple times hehe.

    Dumb thing I just want it quiet, maybe I'll just send it back and look for a fanless model, this is an htpc afterall

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    Uninstall and re-install rivatuner, it happens sometimes especially if you change drivers or swap cards

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    I have this one I would trade you

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    some cards you just cant turn the fan down. i cant on my 8600
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    Quote Originally Posted by extraoddsnends View Post
    The cooler is so big compared to the card it's ridiculous.

    You could always disconnect the fan, take off the cover and place your own fan on it
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    This guys make a 7 head creature out of this...
    Just search for "ASUS SmartDoctor", Install it and have fun speeding up and down the fan speed..

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    Try eVGA precision also, works for all nVidia cards.
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