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    Problems with keyboard and Vista x64

    I have the microsoft wireless natural keyboard rev 1.0A, it was the one that came with the mouse as well. I got the drivers from microsofts website and it worked fine for a few days. But every now and then when i start the comp it shows that there is no keyboard attached, itll say batteries and wireless is good but not anything for the keyboard. If i restart the comp it usually fixes this problem.

    When this happens though the mouse works fine and the receiver is hooked into the usb port..

    any suggestions?

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    The keyboard shouldnt really need any drivers unless it has custom keys.

    Make sure its plugged in to a rear USB port and unplug all other USB devices to see if it makes a difference.

    Also, in vista, you need to make sure you restart and shut down the pc correctly, sometimes keyboards and mice have problems awaking from sleep or hibernation.

    If that fails, uninstall the drivers and just use the standard vista driver when u plug the USB Dongle in.

    Otherwise, go in to your BIOS (usually by pressing delete upon startup) and check to see where your usb is being controlled by your bios or your os, change it to bios!
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    I have the same setup but have never had a problem. No idea man...sorry

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