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    Who cares about numerology, we're talking numbers here -- major millionaire milestones!

    >> Orion456 has reached the 6 X 1,000,000 points level

    >> 7Horn has pulled up into the 4 X 1,000,000 points level.

    >> P4EE has climbed up to 3 X 1,000,000 points level.

    Please join me in applauding our newest millionaire milestone passers!

    Well done, guys!
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    nice going fellas///

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    Sweet, WTF you three!
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    Congrats to all

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    and P4ee

    Congrats on power folding your way to these big numbers.
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    Wooot! Congrats! Tons of pointage goin' on there!
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    way to fold guys!!!

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    man thats a lot of zero's ! congrats all !!
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    feel free to donate lol

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    ALL you guys Rock !

    To Honor Those who went before their time.
    God Bless them all
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