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    Opinions please: RAIDMAX HYBRID 2 RX-530SS

    NewEgg is having a 24 hour sale in thier newsletter and I'm interested in this psu:

    Plenty of wattage for what I need it for (although I'll be disabling the LEDs), but it will be going into a 24/7 server, so I'm more concerned about reliability and longevity.

    And for anyone wondering, its $30 w/free shipping (after $10 promo code and $20 MIR).
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    if you're going for server reliability, do yourself a favor and don't get a raidmax.
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    Quote Originally Posted by moto211 View Post
    if you're going for a power supply, do yourself a favor and don't get a raidmax.

    Here is a better choice for an affordable, reliable PSU:

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    The price is right but that's it...skip it

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    Quote Originally Posted by moto211 View Post
    if you're going for a complete server upgrade that will begin with fireworks and a fog machine, do yourself a favor and get a raidmax.
    I couldn't resist

    Seriously though, my raidmax 450w PSU came free with a case I bought a few years back. Only thing I dared plug into it was a desk fan setup.

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