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    Processor upgrade suggestiongs

    I built my computer a few years back now and havent kept up on all the computer technology since, so im looking for suggestions from anyne that can help.

    Im interested in upgrading my processor for $150 or less. I dont plan on overclocking this computer much, if any at all. I play world of warcraft a lot and have recently noticed some cpu lag with the use of more and more addons in the game. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, and explinations on why you like particular products over others, so i can learn a bit more

    Current system:
    AMD 64 3200+ 939
    A8N SLI
    2gig ram
    nvidia 7600gt

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    If he's only doing the cpu he'll have a fun time trying to jam an AM2 chip into a 939 pin socket.

    I would try ebay or the like for a used X2

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    i5 3230 8GB 240Gb SSD
    Win 10 Pro

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    i would hunt down a 2x 3800+/opteron 170 and over clock it a little to lets say 2.5ghz
    ebay or the for sale forums here would be a good place to start.
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    my thought would be to sell the motherboard,cpu,ram... then get a new AM2+ board/setup, if you cant find a faster 939 cpu on the bay...

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    I've just priced up a Phenom X3 system for around £401

    AMD X3 8650 £103
    Corsair TwinX 2GB DDR2 PC8500 £53
    Gigabyte GA-MA78GM £55
    OcUK 8800 GTS 320MB GDDR3 £96
    SeaGate Barracuda 250GB SATA-II HDD £36

    Just need a case and decent PSU which I've seen for £28 and 2 optical drives thats £30 it would be about about £305 but I couldnt resist the price of that 8800GT. I've got a buyer for my 939 rig below sold it for £300.
    OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit SP1
    Board: Gigabyte Z68AP-D3 Rev.1 F8
    CPU: INTEL i7 2600k 3.40ghz (Stock)
    RAM: Crucial Ballistix Elite 8GB 1866mhz DDR3 (1866mhz@1.60v)
    OS Storage: Crucial 128GB M4 SSD
    Spare Storage: WD 1TB Blue 7,200rpm, SeaGate 1TB 7,200rpm (Back-Up), SanDisk 128GB SSD (Recovery)
    GPU: HIS 7850 2GB GDDR5 PCI-E Card
    PSU: OCZ Fatality 750w Modular PSU
    Optical: LG GH24NS90 24x DVD-RW

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