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    Cordless VS Cord mouse

    Anyone experienced any lags with the cordless mouse? I am planning in getting a Logitech dual optical. but it is not cordless. I might consider my finally conclusion after this thread.

    If cordless mouse are as good as cord mouse, I'll get the cordless version...
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    I have neva experienced any lag or inaccuricies wit my Cordless Mouseman Optical. THe only time it lags is when the batteries are extremely drained but the software will give u fair warning b4. I'd say take the wireless optical route.
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    I have the cordless MS intellimouse

    Works just peachy for me and I live in an area with alot of radio interference

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    i just bought the logitech cordless keyboard and mosu combo for my gf for christmas... and its great she can type anywhere in her room and the mose runs great no lag at all.... it feels and looks weird without a cord....also the software on the disk doesn't work with winXP so you need to goto logitech and download the new software if your running winXP
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    If you have an optical mouse, then cordless won't hurt you any at all.

    You may ask why I zeroed in on the optical part. Well, if you're a gamer and need very fast mouse response for games, then an optical mouse is already hurting you enough that going cordless won't make any difference The major factor is the refresh rate supported by the mouse. Cordless mice usually refresh faster than an optical mouse so if you are worried about lags then you may want to reconsider the optical mouse to begin with.

    Of course there have been enough complaints by gamers about this issue that higher refresh rate optical mice are starting to come out, but I don't think they are fast enough yet.

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