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    mac question : region free dvd?

    is there any way to watch multiple region dvds without installing firmware to flash the dvd drive? i've tried using mac the ripper to copy the dvd to the hard drive but i can't even do that because of the region locked drive.

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    i'm not 100% sure if it is a software vs. firmware problem, but you might try downloading VLC
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    Quote Originally Posted by splat View Post
    i'm not 100% sure if it is a software vs. firmware problem, but you might try downloading VLC
    Yep try VLC and if its a hardware issue dump the dvd, In linux you can use "dd" to dump the disk to a .iso file. Then VLC can play ISO files.
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    I doubt the drive is the issue.

    A region free DVD will play like any other. Your DVD may be damaged or not really region free. Are you using DVD player?

    Make sure you have RCE set to off and Region set to All and then retry it.
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    Moto, the DVD rom isn't region free.

    On my winblows computer there is an option the the DVDroms properties to change the region, but it limits this to four changes.
    If you look online you can find a region free DVD rom too, just make sure it'll work with your mac.
    There should be some mac program for making an Iso, if so you can dump it like SHelnutt said.
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